Wild Horses in Conflict

An undocumented American Conflict

is at a critical stage for the Wild Horses. 



America’s first 120 years benefit from horses strong and loyal service.  We all have a connection to the struggle which created the nation we have today. 


Change has consequences.  Horses carried this country ‘on their backs’ until following World War II when the carbon fueled economy displaced equine labor as the America’s power source.


A course correction happened in only half a generation; America abandoned the wellbeing of our horses. 


Today, America’s Wild Horses living on public lands are being mistreated, misunderstood and disrespected.  These animals are under pressure. Threatened in the same way as the list of ‘endangered species’.


However, the threat is from a source which can be controlled and whose actions can be reversed.


The legacy that lives within the gentle souls of Wild Horses is being snuffed out.  Our own government, bending to the demands of a minority has denied sustenance and liberty to America’s Wild Horses.


The stewards of public lands continue to turn their backs on the intent of the electorate.  Driven by the demands by a few privileged individuals who lease use of public lands – the government stewards are expediting the demise of the wild herds.